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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine was one of the greatest resources for flatpickers for 20 years. It ceased publication in 2016, but the website was still up the last time I checked.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online

A useful piece of software for learning recorded tunes is the Amazing Slow Downer. It's available for both Windows and Macintosh (including OS X), and does a wonderful job of slowing down fast tunes without changing the pitch. You can specify how much to "stretch" the tune, and can adjust the pitch, as well. It can read tunes from CDs, as well as reading MP3 files from disk.

A lot of online tablature is available only in TablEdit format (.tef). You can purchase TablEdit or download the free TEFview viewer on the TablEdit Tablature Editor site. They are availble for both Mac and Windows.

Flatpickers - Dead or Alive: (Back to Top)

Rolly Brown - National Fingerpicking Champ, 1980 - Now a Flatpicker, too

Johnathan Byrd

Brad Davis - Hot picker (not just Bluegrass, either) - Online Guitar Tips

Beppe Gambetta - Monster Picker and Great Cook

David Grier - Innovative Hot Picker

Jim Hurst - Amazing Picker - Bluegrass, Country, Jerry Reed Fan

Steve Kaufman - Three-time National Flatpicking Champ - Instructional Materials, Flatpick Camp

Steve & Penny Kilby - Alleghany Music Co.

Bryan Kimsey - Flatpicker, Guitar Set-ups

Kenny Smith - Kenny and Amanda Smith Band

Jeff Snow - Multi-instrumentalist, instruction

Clarence White - Tabs

Guitar Pickin' Links: (Back to Top)

Acoustic Guitarists' Annotated Guide to the Internet

Annie's Texas Swing Chords for Guitar

Bluegrass Guitar Home Page

Custom Tabs - Transcription Service for Bluegrass Guitar and Mandolin

ezFolk Media Store - Guitar tab

Flatpicked Guitar Music - A vast number of great tabs in TablEdit format from Mike Strangeland and Kim Davis

Free-Tabs.Com - Mostly modern, but lots of links to other styles, too

Guitar Chord Charts: All you need to know about jazz guitar chords

Guitar Notes - Guitar Tab of All Kinds

Harmony Central(R): Guitar: Tablature

13h Fret Acoustic Guitar Discussion Forum

Twelvemonth Music - Guitar music notated in visualinear™ tablature

Guitar Makers and Sellers: (Back to Top)

Acoustic Guitar Store

Allen Guitars

Andersen Stringed Instruments

Carmel Music - Dexter Johnson

Charley's Guitar Shop (Dallas, TX - where I got both of my current dreadnought guitars)

Collings Guitars

Cotten Music Center

Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments

Gallagher Guitars

Gibson Musical Instruments

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

Hoffman Guitars

Homewood Musical Instruments

Jean Larrivee Guitars Ltd.

Mandolin Brothers, Ltd.

C. F. Martin and Company

Proulx Guitars and Mandolins

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Sheppard Guitars

Steve Swan Guitars

Stringed Instrument Division - Vintage Instruments

Kathy Wingert Guitars

Other Guitar-related Links: (Back to Top)

Colorado Case

Guild of American Luthiers

JLD Guitar Research & Development

Kradle Guitar Picks and Accessories - Unique "self-correcting, variable position" picks

Leonard Musical Instruments - Ivory instument parts, Inlay supplies

Luthier Home Page (Instruments, supplies, manuals)

Shubb Capos

Stewart Macdonald's Guitar Shop Supply

Bluegrass Links: (Back to Top)

America's Music: Bluegrass - A history of bluegrass music in the words of its pioneers

Bay Area Bluegrass Association - League City, TX

Bluegrass Australia

The Bluegrass Chronicle

The Bluegrass Home Page (Photos, Festivals, Reviews)

Central Texas Bluegrass Association

DC Bluegrass Union

Front Porch Stage - Mount Ida, AR

Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Association

International Bluegrass Music Association

J.D. Crowe

Mandolin Cafe

Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association

The Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association

Redwood Bluegrass Associates

Rivertown Bluegrass Society

Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA)

Southeastern Bluegrass Association

Southwest Bluegrass Club (North Texas, DFW area )

Other Music Links: (Back to Top)

Bear Family Records Home Page

Chiff & Fipple - Forum devoted to various instruments used in Irish Trad, including a String forum

Chris Smith - Mostly Tenor Banjo in Irish Music, author of Celtic Backup, also very useful to guitarists

The Fiddler's Companion (encyclopedia of fiddle tunes)

FlexiMusic - Audio Editing, Recording, and Composing Software for Windows

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America

Homespun Tapes - Music Instruction

Homewood Musical Instruments

Old Time Music Midi Archive

Pride and Joy - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Archive

Richard Robinson's Tunebook

Canonical List of Banjo Jokes

I use iDataTM Pro, a little Mac database application that I wrote (and publish), to keep the track of all of my guitar tabs. Here's a sample record from the Mac version. (This shows the Mac version. There is also a version, iData Mobile Plus, for the iPhone and iPad.)


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