iData Mobile Plus


The programmer/publisher of iData Pro and iData Mobile Plus has retired. There are no remaining iData Partners.

Please see the Transition Guide for the most up-to-date information. There is a link to the Transition Guide under the Help menu beginning with iData 4.0.49.

Download iData Pro and try it free for up to 30 days.

Many other powerful and very useful functions are available in iData Pro. Click the link at the right to download it and try them yourself. 

The downloaded file will contain the full version of iData Pro. It will run without a license for 30 days of actual use so that you have plenty of time to work with it before deciding to purchase.

iData 3 and iData Mobile datafiles automatically work with iData Pro 4. iData Pro can also convert iData Mobile datafiles to work with iData Mobile Plus.

Datafiles from iData 2, iData Pro 1.0, InfoGenie, and QuickDEX can be imported into iData Pro. See the instructions that come with the iData Pro download.

iData Pro is only available as a download from the link at the right. We do not provide CDs.

Requires OS 10.10 through 10.15

or later

NOTE: The following link will download the (compressed) iData Pro 4 application, rather than the disk image (.dmg) file that it used to download. Something in Catalina has caused the disk image function to malfunction. Sorry.

Download iData Pro 4.0.50

Installation Instructions

Changes to this version

See Below to Upgrade

iData 3 -> iData Pro 4 Upgrade

Although iData Partners is now defunct, the upgrade from iData 3 is still available for those who might have missed it.

If you have not yet done so, you can go ahead and download the current version of iData Pro 4 before purchasing an upgrade license and be sure to check out the Transition Guide.

Click on the price in the right-hand column below. This will take you to the iData Partners store at the FastSpring site. Fill in all requested fields, and you will receive two emails from FastSpring. The one entitled "Your iData 3 to iData Pro 4 Upgrade Delivery Information" will contain your new license number.

(NOTE: The field where you will enter your iData 3 serial number will appear on the last order page.
Upgrade from iData 3 to iData Pro 4 (Requires a valid iData 3 serial number.)

To learn about how iData Pro 4 differs from iData 3, see New Features in iData Pro (Since iData 3).

NOTE: If you have been synchronizing datafiles between iData 3 and iData Mobile, you may want to switch to iData Mobile Plus. If so, please read the note at the bottom of the iData Mobile Plus page.