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Mike Wright's Flatpick Guitar Tablature and Sound Files
FLATPICK-L Members' Guitar Tablature
Flatpick Guitar Exercises
Sean Barry's Pearl Inlay Techniques

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine was -- and still is -- one of the greatest resources for flatpickers. Even though it ceased publication with the September/October 2016 edition, The website is still full of great articles and information. In addition, back-issues of the magazine are still available in the digital download format (PDF and MP).

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online

FLATPICK-L was a mailing list for folks who are interested in exchanging ideas, information, and music related to flatpicked acoustic guitar. The website seems to be inactive, but there is still a nice selection of Tony Rice tabs.

Tony Rice Tab Page

Guitarists and other instrumentalists are subject to a variety of music-related injuries that can lead to pain, damage, and even to the inability to continue playing. Here's a website that contains a variety of links to other sites on this subject: The Perils of Being a Musician

I've recently become aware of a couple of very useful pieces of software for musicians. The first is the Amazing Slow Downer. It's available for both Windows and Macintosh (including OS X), and does a wonderful job of slowing down fast tunes without changing the pitch. You can specify how much to "stretch" the tune, and can adjust the pitch, as well. It can read tunes from CDs, as well as reading MP3 files from disk.

A lot of online tablature is available only in TablEdit format (.tef). You can purchase TablEdit or download the free TEFview viewer on the TablEdit Tablature Editor site. They are availble for both Mac and Windows.

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