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iData Mobile Plus includes two types of settings. iData Mobile Plus Settings apply to the entire application, while Datafile Settings can be different for each datafile.

To customize your iData Mobile Plus Settings, go to the Datafiles page and tap the  button in the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

This will open the following window, containing four settings items:

Here's what the items are for:

1. Set Application Password - You can set a password that will be required to open iData Mobile Plus. There are no limits on the characters that can be used, nor on the length of the password, so pick a password that you can easily remember.

NOTE: If you forget your password, you will have to reinstall iData Mobile Plus, which will result in all of your datafiles on the iPad being erased.

Touch ID: If you have your iPad set to use Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and you set a password for iData Mobile Plus, then each time you open iData Mobile Plus, you will first be given an opportunity to use Touch ID to open the app. If you top Cancel or can't get it to recognize your fingerprint, you can then enter your password.

    To set the application password:

    a. Tap the Set Application Password button. This will take you to the following window:

    b. You may tap the Cancel button at any time. This will take you back to the iData Mobile Plus Settings window without making any changes to your current password setting.

    c. Tap in the Enter Password: field and enter your desired password.

    d. Tap in the Confirm Password: field and reenter the password.

    e. Note the Warning, and if you're certain that you're ready, tap the OK button. If the passwords in the two fields are not identical, the fields will be cleared, and you will be asked to reenter them.

    f. If you have Touch ID enabled, the next time you quit and restart iData Mobile Plus,  you will see the following screen:

Otherwise, you will see this screen:

    g. Either use Touch ID, or enter your password and tap the OK button, as appropriate. (Tapping the Done button on the keyboard is not necessary, as it simply dismisses the keyboard.) If the password that you enter is not correct, or if your fingerprint is not recogized, you will be asked to reenter it. The only ways to exit this screen are either to enter the correct password/fingerprint or to press the Home button to quit iData Mobile Plus.

    NOTE: Each time the password entry box comes up, the window that was open the last time you quit iData Mobile Plus will appear in the background and may be partly readable. Therefore, before quitting iData Mobile Plus, you should be sure that you have not left a datafile record showing that contains sensitive information.

Clearing an Existing Password

To clear an existing password, open the Application Password window and do the following:

    a. Tap in the Enter Password: field and delete all the text in it. (The Confirm Password field should already be empty.)

    b. Tap the OK button. The next time you launch iData Mobile Plus, you will not be asked for a password.

2. Use Classic Search Entry - There are two styles of target entry for both search targets and filter text. You can select the style you want to use by turning Use Classic Search Entry on or off in the Settings window.

The default style is referred to as Classic Search Entry, because it has been used in Mac versions of iData since 2002.

In Classic Search Entry, a string of text containing any characters is treated as a single, unified target.

The exception is that multiple targets are delimited using && -- double ampersands.

So, the following line is a single target:

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

The following is two targets:

Ben & Jerry's&&Ice Cream

And the following is three targets:

Ben & Jerry's&&Ice&&Cream

The other style of target entry is Search Engine Entry. This style is a modified version of target entry used in search engines on the Web, such as Google and Yahoo!

In iData's version of Search Engine Entry style, a string of text in the search box is divided into multiple targets by spaces. Unlike most Web-based search engines, punctuation characters are not treated a target dividers.

To treat a string that includes spaces as a single target, you must enclose it it double quotation marks.

So, the following line is five targets:

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

The following is one target:

"Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream"

And the following is three targets:

"Ben & Jerry's" Ice Cream

   The default setting is ON. Turn it OFF to use Search Engine Entry. 

3. Auto-Save Changes - To have iData Mobile Plus save changes to each datafile every time you go to a new record, and when the datafile is closed, turn this ON.

   Turn it OFF to handle saving changes yourself. There is a Save button available when a datafile is open, and whenever a datafile is being closed with unsaved changes, you will be given a chance to save changes before it closes.

   The default setting is ON.

4. Font Picker - Touch the font name portion of the picker wheel and spin it to move the font of your choice under the darker selection area in the (vertical) center. Do the same with a point size.

These are the font values that will be used in the Datafiles list, and as the default font for displaying datafile records in new datafiles.

   The text just above the Font Picker will show the name and point size of the selected font in that font and size.

   The default setting is Helvetica - 18 points.

When you are satisfied with your settings, tap the Done button in the upper left corner.

To set a different field font and/or default Notes area font for a particular datafile, make that setting in the Datafile Settings window.

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