iData Pro 5 Release Versions

iData Pro — Fixed some printing problems.

iData Pro — Fixed some printing problems.

iData Pro — Fixed some printing problems.
Fixed problem with creation of new datafiles.

 iData Pro — Fixed some printing problems.
Fixed problem with creation of new datafiles.


iData Pro — Fixed a bug that caused the background color of the FTA to be gray, instead of the color chosen in the datafile settings.
                                 Fixed a bug that always activated the FTA, even when Highlight Find Box when window comes forward was selected in the General app settings.

                                The Find Box is now always activated when a datafile is first opened.

iData Pro — Fixed problem with creation of new datafiles.
                                Removed WiFi and Dropbox routines, including Sync ID checking.
                                Optimized local synchronization interface to work with Mac Finder ability to copy datafiles to and from iOS devices connected via USB cable.

iData Mobile Plus Release Versions

1.1.17 — (03/01/23) Improved performance when an application password is added.
               Fixed an iPhone problem with the appearance of record links in the first record when a datafile is first opened.

1.1.16 — (02/15/23) Fixed some iPad landscape display problems.

1.1.15 —
(2021) Now requires iOS 15.2.1 or later.

               Removed WiFi and Dropbox synchronization routines. Added a single button allows the user to move all datafiles to either the Public section or the Private section of the Datafiles list.

               Datafiles can now be moved to and from the Mac using a USB cable connection. This work especially well when syncing with iData Pro 5.4.02 and later.

 1.1.14 — (2021) Improved appearance of the Search field when used in Dark Mode. (2021)
iData Pro 5 Future Plans

As of the release of iData 5.4.02 on February 19, 2023, no other versions will be modified, except to fix actual bugs.


I want to support customers who are using older versions of macOS. However, in addition to deprecating functions that will eventually be dropped, Apple sometimes adds new functions that will not work under older versions of macOS. There are methods for testing whether a specific function works under one's current version of macOS. However, we are dealing with at least nine OS version changes between 10.10 and 12, which could be tricky to work around.

In order to make it a little easier for customers who are using older versions of macOS, I have:

     1. Changed the major version from iData Pro 4 to iData Pro 5.

     2. Created four minor versions that are each optimized for a group of macOS versions.

     3. Named each app to include both the major and minor versions, as shown below:
macOS Version
App Name
10.10 thru 10.12
iData Pro 5.0.00
10.13 thru 10.15
iData Pro 5.1.00
11.0 thru 11.6
iData Pro 5.2.00
12.0 thru 12.3
iData Pro 5.3.00

      4. Set up all of the new iData Pro 5 apps to use the same User Defaults (preference) file, named com.raccoonbend.idatapro5. This will help avoid confusion with the iData Pro 4 User Defaults, com.idatapartners.idatapro -- just in case someone decides to use both iData Pro 5 and iData Pro 4.

      5. Now that all four final versions of iData Pro 5 have been tested and released, I will start work on modernizing iData Mobile Plus. It will be different, difficult, and perhaps impossible.


When I "retired" in August 2019, I knew that the time would come when iData Pro 4 would cease to function smoothly.

iData Pro 4 requires macOS 10.10 or later. The problem is that Apple has marked a fairly large number of functions and identifiers as "deprecated" in macOS 10 and later.

This means that support for those functions and identifiers will eventually be withdrawn from the system, and will be replaced by "more modern" ones.

So, two and a half years after my supposed retirement, I decided that I should take the whole deprecation thing more seriously. As I began looking at the deprecated functions, I found hundreds of instances of my use of such functions in iData Pro 4. I started with the macOS 10.10 cases and began changing the iData Pro 4 code to replace those functions with the recommended newer ones.

It turns out that a number of the replacement functions don't work in exactly the ways the originals did. In most cases, I was able to figure out what needed to be done to produce the desired results. However, in several cases nothing I came up with produced useful results, leaving me with a number of non-functioning functions. These problems turned out to be a problem almost entirely in the various Template and Address Block functions -- Address Block functions are heavily involved in Template functions.

Rather than delay the release of the modernized versions of iData Pro, I decided to remove support for templates and address block layout. I know that some customers use those functions, but I discovered that the field-based address block function had already stopped working at least a couple of releases back. The label and envelope design and printing functions are extremely complex, so I doubt that I will be able to fix them.