File Menu - Import Sub-Menu
iData 2 Datafile

iData Pro uses a new datafile format, but datafiles from iData 2 can be easily imported, as follows:

         1. Select iData 2 Datafile... from the Import sub-menu, under the File menu.

         2. In the Open dialog that comes up next, navigate to the datafile to import, select it, and click the Open button.

         3. In the Save dialog that comes up next, you may rename the datafile, if you wish, but be sure not to delete the .id3 file name extension. Be sure to save it to the iData Pro Datafiles folder, or to a subfolder within that folder, so that it will show up in the Datafiles menu. When you are ready, click the Save button.

         4. The newly imported datafile will open. It will have the same structure as the original, but you should go ahead and select Datafile Settings from the File menu, and change any settings you wish.

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