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Why Split a Datafile?

The iPhone has memory constraints that are rather severe when compared with the Macintosh. As a result, it may not be possible to move large datafiles intact to iData Mobile Plus. We recommend that datafiles that are to be synced to iData Mobile Plus be no larger than 400 MB.

In fact, it is even possible for datafiles to become too large to open on the Macintosh. Datafiles around 2 GB in size cannot be opened in iData Pro, so it is important to split them or otherwise reduce their size before reaching that point. Of course, it is important to make frequent backup copies of your datafiles to minimize data loss if you inadvertently allow a datafile to become too large to open.

Even if they are not too large to open, extremely large datafiles can become slow to open, close, sort, and save and can even slow down the entire system on the Mac, making other applications sluggish, so splitting such datafiles can be a useful option.

The Split Datafile command provides a mechanism for splitting a single datafile into two or more smaller datafiles. Selected records are saved to a new datafile, then are removed from the original datafile. Depending on the nature of the datafile, records can be selected on the basis of content, creation date or modification date.

To Split a Datafile:

    1. In iData Pro, open the datafile that you want to split. (If the datafile is already open, and if it has had any changes made to it, it would be a good idea to save those changes before proceeding.)

    2. Use commands from the Select menu to select those records that you want to split off into a new datafile.

    3. Once the current set of selected records contains all of the records that you want to split off, select Split Datafile... in the File menu.

    4. If all records are selected, you will see a dialog window asking if you want to split the datafile in half. If you click the Split in Half button, the first half of the datafile will be be written to the new datafile.

    The Save dialog that comes up will have a default file name composed of the current datafile name followed by "-Selected". You may change it to whatever you like (except that it cannot be the same as the current datafile name).

    The new datafile will open alongside the original datafile, so that you can compare them. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can close the new datafile and merge it back into the original datafile.

    You may repeat this process as often as desired.

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