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All About Background Colors in the Freeform Text Area

There are two ways that text in the Freeform Text Area (FTA) can have a background color.

1. The default background color for the entire FTA can be set in the General tab of the Datafile Settings window. This setting uses a property of the text view itself. The default setting is white.

    We'll refer to this kind of background color as "the FTA background color".

2. A block of text can have a background color attribute set for it. This color will show behind that block of text, no matter what the FTA background color is.

    Because this is how the Toggle Highlighter function works, we'll refer to this kind of background color as a "highlight-style background color", even if the color was set by some other method.

It is common for users to copy a block of text in another application (Safari, Mail, Pages, etc.) and paste that text into the FTA of a datafile. If that text includes a highlight-style background color, that background color will appear in the pasted text, so the FTA background color will not show behind that text.

To remove all highlight-style background colors from all selected records in the current datafile, select Strip Highlights in All Selected Records under the Format menu.

Scan through your records and make sure you are satisfied with the results. If you are, Save the changes (command-S). If not, select Revert to Saved under the File menu (command-R).

This change will not affect font colors, font styles, point sizes, or background colors. In addition, it will not affect paragraph spacing or tables, and it will leave images intact.

NOTE: Currently deselected records will be ignored, so if you have a record for which you want to retain any highlight-style background colors, go to that record and select Deselect Current Record under the Select menu (or type command-option-control-D). Do this for as many records as you wish. When you are done removing highlights, select All Records under the Select menu (or type command-option-A) to reselect the deselected records. (See Selecting Records for more record selection options.)

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