Changing Command Keys

We've tried to select rational keyboard shortcuts for some of the most-used menu items in iData Pro, but perhaps you think you could have done a better job in a few cases...

Well, did you know that OS X lets you change the keyboard shortcuts within applications? Here's how to do it for iData Pro:

         1. Launch iData Pro, and make a list of any menu items for which you want to change the shortcuts. Write down the exact name of each item.

         Note: Plan on doing all of them at one time. If you go back and set even one new one, all the ones you've set previously will revert to their old default values. Sorry, that's System Preferences at work, not iData Pro.

         2. In the System Preferences window, select Keyboard.

         3. Click the Shortcuts tab.

         4. Scroll to the bottom of the shortcut listing in the left-hand column.

         5. In the left-hand column, click App Shortcuts.

         6. In the right-hand column, click the disclosure triangle next to All Applications, so that it points down (if it doesn't already).

         7. Click the square + (plus) button below the listing.

         8. In the window that comes up next, select iData Pro in the Application: popup menu.

         9. Type a menu command into the Menu Title: text field.

         10. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut: text field, and type the key combination that you want to use as the shortcut for that menu item.

         11. Click the Add button.

         12. To see what you've added, scroll down. If necessary, click the disclosure triangle next to iData Pro in the list.

A Couple of Caveats:

If you want to use a key combination that is already in use for some other menu item in the same application, you should also change that item to something else, to avoid any possible conflicts.

If you try to use a keyboard shortcut that Apple has reserved, such as command-M, you'll find that you just can't type it into the Keyboard Shortcut: field.

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