Help Menu

The iData Pro 5 Help menu has four items:

1. User Guide

    This brings up the User Guide for iData Pro 5.

    The Guide includes some general topics, followed by help items arranged in menu item order.

2. Check for Updates...

    This brings up a dialog showing the latest version of iData Pro 5.

    The dialog has two buttons:

        Clicking the See Updates button brings up the main iData Pro 5 website, which includes links to the latest versions of the iData Pro 5 apps.

        Clicking the Cancel button simply closes the dialog window.

3. iData Site

    This brings up the parent website of the iData Pro 5 website.

4. E-mail iData Partners

    This brings up your default mail app with a new message addressed to the iData Pro 5 programmer.

    This is just a way to avoid the vast amounts of spam that an email link would be subject to.

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