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Customizing the iData Toolbar

The Toolbar provides buttons for many of the functions in iData Pro. (Please note that whenever an upgrade to iData Pro adds a new toolbar button, you will have to use the Customize Toolbar function, explained below, to get that new button to show up in your toolbar.)

1. Hide/Show Toolbar in the View menu will allow you to hide or show the Toolbar. (This item toggles between Hide Toolbar and Show Toolbar, depending on whether the Toolbar is visible, or not.)

2. Customize Toolbar... in the View menu brings up the toolbar customization palette, which will allow you to rearrange the buttons in the Toolbar.

(Classic Toolbar Buttons)

(Minimalist Toolbar Buttons)

Drag items to the datafile Toolbar to add them. Drag items out of the Toolbar to remove them. Reorder items in the Toolbar by dragging them and dropping them into new positions. If you want your Toolbar to look exactly like the default set at the bottom of the window, just drag that default set to the datafile Toolbar.

NOTE: Most toolbar buttons are individual items. However, there are several items that also appear as members of groups. These are items that have related functions. You can use a group to keep those related items together. Or, you can just use the individual items. Here are the groups vs. the individual equivalents:

Group                                        Individual items






The Show popup menu at the bottom of the window controls whether the icons and/or text are shown in the Toolbar.

The Use Small Size checkbox will reduce the size of the icons and text. This is a good way to reclaim some window real estate. (NOTE: Due to what we believe are one or more system bugs, the group image in the customization palette may be truncated if the palette window is opened while the small size option is selected. This will not affect the way the toolbar looks. These bugs have been reported to Apple.)

Click the Done button when you are finished.

3. Toggle Toolbar Style (command-control-T) toggles between the Classic and Minimalist button sets, as shown above. The minimalist toolbar is more uniform and takes up a little less space horizontally than the classic toolbar.

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