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Clone Current Datafile Window

Sometimes it is useful to be able to compare two different records in the same datafile side-by-side. iData provides the ability to do this by using what we call a "clone window".

To open a clone window for the frontmost open datafile (the "original datafile"), choose Clone Current Datafile Window from the Window menu (or type command-option-control-C). A duplicate copy will open on top of the original datafile, slightly offset to the lower left, with "-CLONE" appended to the datafile name, and with the background of the Find Box set to a light blue to make it easier to distinguish from the original datafile window, which will have a white background in the Find Box.

In the illustration below, the original datafile is Sample Field Datafile.id3 The clone is Sample Field Datafile.id3-CLONE, and the background color of the clone window's Find Box is set to light blue.

You can drag the clone window off to one side and adjust the sizes of both windows as needed.

The clone window works just like the original datafile window, except that no changes can be made to the content of the clone window, and no changes of any kind can be saved. You can perform searches and select text for copying or for dragging from the clone window to the original datafile window (or to anywhere else, for that matter), but you cannot type in or drag into fields or the Freeform Text Area of the clone window.

Changes made to the original datafile will show up in the clone window, but this will not normally happen right away. If changes were made while the original datafile was active, clicking on the clone window will causes the changes to show up there. If the changes were made with the clone window active, as when dragging text from the clone window into the original datafile window in the background, the changes can be made to show up by going to a different record in the clone window, or by clicking first on the original datafile window and then back on the clone window.

You can close the clone window by clicking the red close button in the upper left corner (or by typing command-W). If you close the original datafile while the clone window is open, the clone window will close along with it.

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