iData Pro Menu Preferences

Note: The preference settings affect all datafiles.

Show a quit confirmation

If you would like iData Pro to ask your permission before quitting, enable this preference item. This can be useful if you sometimes intend to type Command-W, but accidentally type Command-Q instead. When this preference is selected, you will see the following dialog each time you quit iData. Selecting the Don't ask again checkbox will turn this preference off.

Don't backup datafiles after Delete All Selected Records Operation

If this preference item is not checked, then when you select Delete All Selected Records in the Records sub-menu under the Edit menu, a backup copy of the original datafile, renamed with the current date and time added to the original datafile name, will be saved in a Backups folder in the iData 3 Datafiles folder.

If you don't want to save the original version of the datafile when you select Delete All Selected Records, you can enable this preference item.

Always restore the previous session when iData opens

When this item is enabled, each time iData opens, each datafile that was open when you last quit will reopen to the record that was selected at that time.

When synchronizing iData datafiles, always:

The default is Ask which synchronization method to use. This setting can also be changed when selecting a  method during synchronization.

Restore Factory Settings

Clicking this button will set all Special Preferences to the default settings that came with iData Pro. This button will affect only Special Preferences.

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