The purpose of this page is to show how much my face has changed over the years. Old friends and relatives who have not seen me in many years do not recognize me at all. This could easily be a set of pictures of entirely unrelated individuals. The point is that, in spite of my sense of the continuity of my identity, I have not been,  even superficially, the same person over time.

Texas - 1955 (Anahuac Jr. High, age 13)

Texas - 1958 (Vernon High School - What a difference three years makes!)

Texas - 1960 (Southwestern Univ.)

Missouri - 1962 (basic training - "Kill!")

Taiwan - 1965 (Gibson 12-string & harp on top of our apartment building)

Taiwan- 1966 (just married and heading back to the US--Dave Franklin in back at left)

Texas - 1966 (with my pet tiger, May)

Texas - 1967 (Ft. Hood)

Japan - 1968 (barbecuing in Grant Heights)

Japan - 1969 (pretending to be tough)

Japan - 1970 (stocked trout stream, with May)

Japan - 1971 (with Frosty--quit smoking and started putting on weight)

Japan - 1972 (unit party)

Japan - 1972 (official photo)

Japan - 1972 (posing at a party)

Japan - 1978 (Spring Wind Bluegrass Festival, Yokohama, with Masuo Sasabe and Jim Bryan)
                     (Who knows where the hair goes?)

Japan - 1978 (Fourth of July at Camp Zama, with Jim Bryan and Bob Castleberry)

Japan - 1979 (receiving calligraphy certificate from Baidou Sensei (now dead),
                       my teacher, Matsumoto Sensei, behind him, at right)

Washington - 1981 (Guess which member of Carolina Quickstep is in the Army.)
                              (Rick Lewis, John LaCross, me, Allan Walton, Terry Shaw)

California - 1986 (44th birthday at Esprit de Corps, with May looking on)

California - 2003 (formal portrait for Nikon Talk Forum)

Texas - 2006 (Southwest Bluegrass Club Winter Show jam session)

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