iData Pro 5 Applications

Current Status

iData Pro 5.x.01 has been released.

The following versions of iData Pro 5.x.01 have been released as of July 18, 2022.

These versions fix a variety of printing problems in previous versions.

Click a link to download a version that is compatible with the macOS version on your Mac.
macOS Version
App Name
10.10 thru 10.12
iData Pro 5.0.01
10.13 thru 10.15
iData Pro 5.1.01
11.0 thru 11.6
iData Pro 5.2.01
12.0 thru 12.3
iData Pro 5.3.01

Please report any problems with the release versions. I can be contacted using the Email iData Partners menu item in the Help menu of the iData Pro apps. When reporting problems, please include the app version and your macOS version.

NOTE 2: Click here for the list of changes, beta versions, and other background info that was previously on this page.