Command Key List for iData Pro

This is a list of command key combinations for many of the features in iData Pro. It is alphabetized by main key, with modified versions (using the control, shift, and option keys) following. Non-alphabetical keys are listed below the alphabetical keys.

Many of these are Apple standards. Others are somewhat mnemonic. Some are used because they made sense in earlier versions of the program--going back as far as InfoGenie. The rest are just whatever keys were left over. We tried to use mnemonics for those that are likely to be most used. If you note any errors or omissions in the list, please let us know. (It is also possible to change some command key combinations.  Please see the Changing Command Keys Help page for information on how to do this.)

There are obviously too many to be memorized, but when you're doing a repetetive task that requires one or a few, it's easy enough to learn them, then forget them when you no longer need them.

(Note that text formatting items will not be available for iData Mobile [.idm] files.)

Remember--all of the key combinations below also require the command key.

Alphabetic Command Keys

A - Select All (text)
option A - Select All Records
control A - Activate Web Address Links

B - Bold

C - Copy
option C - Copy Style
control C - Show Colors
control option C - Clone Current Datafile Window
shift control option C - Copy Ruler

D - Dial (using default dialing preference)
control D - Deactivate Link in Field

E - Select (records)

F - Find (exact action varies with Find button search behavior setting)
shift F - Reverse Find
option F - Skip Record Then Find
shift option F - Skip Record Then Reverse Find
control F - Find With Highlight
shift control F - Reverse Find With Highlight
control option F - Find and Replace

G - Copy Selection to Find Box
option G - Grab Web Address from Browser
control option G - Grab Web Address - Paste Text and images
shift option G - Grab Web Address - Paste Plain Text

H - Hide iData Pro
option H - Hide Others
control option H - Toggle Highlighter

I - Italic
option I - Duplicate Current Record

J - Copy Record
option J - Copy Record w/Field Names

K - Copy Address Block

L - Copy Link to Current Record
control L - Link
control option L - Insert Link to File or Folder

M - Minimize (the current window)
option M - Modify Fields
control M - Multi-file Find

N - New (datafile or template)
control option N - Insert Link in iPod Note Record

O - Open (datafile or template)

P - Print (current record or template)
shift P - Page Setup

Q - Quit iData Pro

R - Revert to Saved
option R - Toggle Ruler
control R - Remove Links in Selected Text

S - Save
shift S - Save As
option S - Sort Datafile
control option S - Save All Open Datafiles

T - Show Fonts
option T - Date/Time Stamp
control option T - Show Tools Palette

U - Underline
option U - Update Line Wrapping

V - Paste
control V - Switch View
option V - Paste Style
shift option V - Paste as Plain Text
control shift option V - Paste Ruler

W - Close (current window)

X - Cut

Y - <no action>

Z - Undo
shift Z - Redo
option Z - Zoom to Printing Size
control Z - Zoom Window

Numeric Command Keys

Command keys 0 through 9 are used for Hot Keys that you set to open specific Datafiles. Please see the Set Datafile Hotkeys Help page for information on setting Hot Keys.

Other Command Keys

[ - Make Find Box active
] - Make current field active
option ] - Go to next record and make current field active
\ - Make Freeform Text Area active

{ (shift [ ) - Align Left
} (shift ] ) - Align Right
| (shift \ ) - Center

; (semicolon) - Go to previous record
control ; (semicolon) - Go to first record
control option ; (semicolon) - Go back one viewed record
option ; (semicolon) - Check Spelling

: (colon = shift semicolon) - Show Spelling and Grammar

' (apostrophe) - Go to next record
control ' (apostrophe) - Go to last record
control option ' (apostrophe) - Go forward one viewed record

, (comma) - Preferences
option , (comma) - Datafile Settings

= (equal) - Add Record
option = - Add Record with Paste
control = - Bigger

option + (plus = shift equal) - Add Record with Paste as Plain Text

- (hyphen) - Delete Current Recordcontrol - (hyphen) - Smaller

option _ (underscore = shift hyphen) - Delete Current Record without Warning

& - Insert '&' in Find Box

. (period) - Halt current operation (esc key alone does the same thing)

option return - Highlight in Next Record
shift option return - Highlight in Previous Record

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