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Show Record Information

iData Pro keeps track of the date that each record was created, who created it, the date that it was last modified, and who modified it.

To see this information, select Show Record Information in the View menu, or select either of the following toolbar buttons:  (Classic toolbar) or  (Minimalist toolbar).

(If you don't see the Show Record Information toolbar button, you may need to customize the toolbar to add it.)

This will bring up the following floating window.

Because this is a floating window, you can move it off to one side and leave it open as you go from record to record. When you go to a different record (or even to a different datafile), the window will be updated to show the information for that record.

The Created By: and Modified By: information is the user name of whoever was logged in when record was created or modified. If you were logged in as the user and someone else created or modified a record, your user name will appear in these fields, since iData has no way of identifying the actual user.

The Record Size: item shows the size of the contents of the Freeform Text Area and of any fields, but does not include other items such as date and user info.

To close this window, click the close button at the upper left.

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