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"Firelord" is in Black Knight.

This entire David Grisman-Jerry Garcia CD cover is in Dry Gulch.
There are other font samples below.

Casady & Greene, Inc. started out as two separate little companies, CasadyWare and Greene, Inc. CasadyWare, which was founded by Robin Casady in August 1984, started out producing Fluent FontsTM, which were bitmapped typefaces for the Macintosh. As soon as PostScript fonts appeared, CasadyWare got hold of the first version of FontographerTM and produced the first downloadable PostScript fonts - even beating Adobe, the originators of PostScript, to the punch. These were marketed as Fluent Laser FontsTM.

Although I was hired as a programmer, I became very interested in the fonts themselves. I had been doing broad pen calligraphy for many years, and I had been working as an engraver for the five years that I had been retired from the Army. It wasn't long before Robin had taught me to use Fontographer to produce PostScript fonts.

Unfortunately, in July 2003, Casady & Greene went bankrupt. I hope to make at least some of those fonts available on the Web some day, but am currently busy with the continuing development of my personal database software, iDataTM 3.

I did several calligraphic fonts. Because they emulate the strokes of the broad-nibbed pen, they look best at large point sizes. I also did a Cyrillic version of Times, called Vremya.

To see samples of the fonts that I developed, click the buttons below. Note that the Western fonts have a few additional dingbats--cowboy boots (different designs in each of the three fonts), stars, and pointing fingers, that are intended for use in posters and brochures.

These font names are all trademarks of Michal L. Wright.

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